Midwest Helicopter Airways, Inc. is based out of Willowbrook, IL.  Specializing in heavy lifting in the construction industry for over 40 years.  Midwest is the
#1 choice among contractors for any helicopter lift service needed.

Sikorsky S-58T helicopters are capable of lifting loads up to 4500 lbs. The spacious interior allows for room for 9 men to be transported to remote locations.
The large cargo door also allows for pallets of supplies and gear to be loaded with ease.

Midwest is safe, fast, reliable, and efficient.  Being extremely competitive against cranes, we can reach areas that cranes and other equipment cannot access.
Specializing in precision load setting of Pipelines, HVAC, concrete pouring, communication towers, and crew/equipment transport, ect..ect.

525 Executive Drive,   Willowbrook, Illinois  60527 /  800-323-7609 / 630-325-7860 / FAX 630-325-3313
Construction Helicopter lifts can be
completed almost anywhere! Downtown
City high-rises, Suburban schools,
Wal-Marts, Malls, and warehouse facilities
can be completed safely while following
FAA rules and regulations. Midwest will
even provide 2 signal men and most rigging
on ALL projects.
Our average lift/set
time is 2 minutes per pick!

Can your crane do 30 lifts < 1hr?
Midwest Helicopter pioneered the lift
business since 1968. Midwest has
experienced many high profile jobs and is
known throughout the industry as heavy lift
professionals. Midwest carries an
Excellent EMR rating and is held to very
strict safety procedures.

  • United States Forest Service
    certified contractor - Firemen
    transport, water drop
  • Assisted Hurricane Katrina –
    Passenger transport, supply delivery
  • Assisted the Haitian Earthquake -
    Passenger transport, supply delivery
  • Levy / Sandbag reconstruction
  • Worked for The United States Army
    Corps of Engineers  
  • FEMA registered
  • CCR registered
  • HAI emergency responder member
  • SAM registered
Have our team of expert pilots guide you through a
SAFE and SUCCESSFUL project.


FAA Certified Repair Center Station

FAA Part 133 External Load Operations

FAA Part 135 Passenger Carrier

FAA Part 137 Agricultural Aircraft Operations